Sunday, May 19, 2013

The case for an Obama impeachment

Rand Paul and GOP accusations
Rand Paul and Republicans in Washington are drooling at the thought of feasting on the blood of the President and are hastening the call for impeachment trials by assembling a host of unproven facts and speculations which they are sure will sway the tone of public sentiment against the President.  Assisted by the mud-slinging of the most watched television network in the world and other right wing media personalities, the straw-man case against President Obama is getting to a fever pitch.  One can feel so caught-up in the moment that facts can't stop this train, as long as it means saving America from the bad black man.

Republican perception of a fair trial
According to the Tea Party leader Michelle Bachmann, already half of America wants President Obama impeached.  She explains that Dick Cheney's comments citing how Obama lied to America about Benghazi absolutely prove that Obama led the coverup carried out by the White House.  Bachmann enumerates on President Obama's criminal acts by describing how Rand Paul heard about a memo circulated through the IRS, instructing them to target "people who were opposed to the President".  Now it's up to Republicans everywhere to enrage the populace, pass out pitchforks, shovels and burning torches and lynch the monster.

Former President Nixon
As former Republican President Richard Nixon said just prior to his impeachment for the Watergate break-ins, "in America a man is guilty until proven innocent."  Republicans are certainly carrying out that heart-felt emotion and contradiction to American common law in dealing with President Obama.  

Although facts cloud the evidence in the Benghazi and IRS incidents, Republicans have found it easy to overcome the proven innocence of the White House and President Obama.  They favor a different reality that leads to the downfall of President Obama and the Democratic Party. 

Not being able to win the majority of the vote in the last election, and failing miserably in the latest approval polls, Republicans in Washington have shown by their continous obstruction what a bad President we have.  

Who but a bad President would have introduced an affordable health care act that would become law only to have to be voted on for repeal 37 times by Republicans?    

Who but a bad President would suggest that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes to pay down the deficit while Republicans realize that the recovery should only rest on the backs of the middle class and the poor?  

Who but a bad President would suggest that Congress work towards fixing the economy to avoid sequester when all Republicans know that sequester was the best thing that has happened to America?

Who but a bad President would give a long winded American Jobs Bill and then when rejected by Republicans would suggest that it still be worked on for the benefit of Americans?

Who but a bad President would rescue America from economic disaster and not let American banks and auto companies fail when the Mitt Romney Republicans understand that it would have been better to let them go bankrupt?  

Who but a bad President would take a stock market with values that had dropped nearly 50% after the financial collapse and return it to the highest levels it has ever been in history when Republicans have preached that the President's actions will do nothing to restore stability to the economy?   

Who but a bad President would cut prescription drug costs for Medicare patients by 50% when Republicans have worked hard to position Medicare as an economically damaging program that should be revamped into a voucher system?  

Who but a bad President would provide $12.2 billion for people with disabilities education when Republicans know that government spending for the handicapped must shrink no matter who is affected?  

Who but a bad President would have extended benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees when Republicans preach that dirty homosexuals should be banned from society?

Who but a bad President would have created more private sector jobs in 2010 alone than in the entire Bush years and then lead America to a job recovery each consecutive year when Republicans claim it is their number one priority to create "jobs, jobs, jobs."?

Who but a bad President would have appointed the first Latina to the Supreme Court when Republicans know that Americans of Latin American ancestry are lazy?

Who but a bad President would sign the START Treaty Nuclear reduction Act with Russia when Republicans know that Obama secretly colludes with Russian politicians?

Who but a bad President would support the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act for women so Republicans would have to knock it down?

Who but a bad President would urge Congress to approve the Prevention of Violence Against Women Act when the Republicans would only be forced to reject it?

Who but a bad President would provide travel expenses to families of fallen soldiers so they could be present when the bodies of their loved ones arrived home causing Republicans to look unsupportive of veterans just because they vote against aid to veterans?

Who but a bad President would sign the Child Heath Insurance reauthorization Act which provides healthcare to 11 million kids, 4 million of whom were formerly uninsured, especially when Republicans have insisted that free medical care is not economical?

Who but a bad President would have issued Executive orders to repeal Bush era restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research when Republicans have opposed it?

Who but a bad President would end the Bush Administration's CIA program of "Enhanced Interrogation Methods" by requiring that the Army field manual be used as a guide for interrogation of terrorists just because torture was a Republican idea?

The list of how Obama is a bad President goes on and on.  And now we have him trapped in a web of hypothetical speculation and Republican fabricated circumstances.  I would much rather have a mentally challenged representative of an angry mob of blood thirsty do-nothing Republicans as President any day.  Obama is done for.

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