Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Human Brain cells in Mice

In Transylvania today, stem cell scientists have announced that they have been able to grow human brain cells in newly born mice. Mice are greater than 97% identical in genetic composition to humans. The percentage of human brain cells grown appears to be only 0.1% of the mice's total brain cells.

When asked how the human brain cells affected the mice, scientists responded by saying "Don't worry. They are not very smart. You'd be surprised what dumb things they said to us."

Scientists believe that growing the human brain cells in mice will help them resolve unknowns related to human brain diseases. One interviewer asked if the brain cells were from parkinson's patients or from the general population. Igor Nrgtun, chief of neurological sciences indicated that they were from a patient called Abby Normal.

This pioneering research could lead to new industries as well as new cures to disease. Representatives from the technology industry were very interested in utilizing the technique to make computers that think using human brain pathways. Representatives from Sony indicated that the technique could be useful in their robotics division.

Walt Disney Productions representatives greeted the news with quiet assuredness. "We've had talking mice for many years. Why do you think we froze Walt?"

We'll see what the future will bring.

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